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What is Choose to Move?

Ready for a transformative journey to a healthier, more vibrant you? Choose to Move, a physical activity support program, is here to ignite your motivation and connect you with a supportive community. Here’s what you can expect:


Personalized Guidance:

You’ll work closely with a knowledgeable activity coach who will help you craft an activity plan tailored to your preferences and abilities.  You’ll choose activities that not only keep you moving but fill you with joy.


Community Connection: 

Connect with like-minded peers for 8 dynamic group meetings to share goals, stay accountable, and explore health and wellness topics together. It’s not just a program; it’s a supportive community, cheering you on every step of the way.


It’s Not a Fitness Class:

It’s an empowering experience that equips you with the knowledge and confidence to lead a more physically active and socially connected life. It’s about creating lasting lifestyle changes, not quick fixes.


Backed by Science:

Choose to Move is based on sound scientific research and was created by the University of British Columbia’s Active Aging Research Team in 2015.

Best of all, it’s absolutely FREE! 

Don’t let this incredible opportunity pass you by. Enroll today, embrace a brighter, healthier future. If you live in British Columbia, join us either in person or become part of our thriving online Choose to Move community. Your journey to a more active and connected you begins here!

Why Choose to Move?

Whether it’s exploring a new place, spending quality time with the people we love, or living independently in our home, we all have goals for our lives. In order to achieve our goals, we need to be as healthy and mobile as possible.

Being active is one of the most important things you can do to maintain your overall health. Being active can help you feel better, have more energy, and live longer.

That’s why the Active Aging Society developed Choose to Move with the help of researchers at the University of British Columbia. It’s a science-based approach to help you introduce the habit of physical activity into your daily life in ways that make sense for you.


Programs are now open for registration. Browse the map to find the program nearest you.

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