“I feel like I’ve got energy again which is something I haven’t had for a long time… it not only amazes me, it amazes my husband. He hasn’t seen that in me for a long time.”

– Choose to Move Participant

About Choose to Move

Choose to Move is free and flexible and provides you with the motivation and support to become more active.

Choose to Move can help you integrate activity into your daily routine, meet new friends, and make a positive change!

Choose to Move is great for anyone age 55 and older that wants to become active, regardless of ability.

How it Works

Choose to Move has the potential to change the way you live for the better. It’s about making choices and building habits.

In this free program, you work with a trained activity coach who helps you develop a plan made just for you.

When it gets tough, you will have the support from your coach and a group of peers, who, just like you, are choosing health– they are choosing to move.

Support for You

In Choose to Move, you receive both individual and group support:​

Work one-on-one with a trained activity coach to create a tailor-made physical activity plan to meet your health and fitness goals. You choose activities that you know you will enjoy and can do! Activities can range from organized fitness classes (e.g., Tai Chi, yoga) to individual activities you do on your schedule (e.g., gardening, walking).

Join a group of other Choose to Movers to share successes and challenges. Learn new ways to live a healthier, more active life.

How it Began

Choose to Move is an initiative of the Active Aging Society developed by the Active Aging Research Team at the University of British Columbia, with funding from the Government of British Columbia.

The collaborators drew on the best available scientific evidence and the experience of their team and partners to develop a model to help seniors become and stay active.

Choose to Move has been delivered in partnership with many organizations in over 65 communities, with thousands of seniors participating.

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