Get Active – Endurance & Heart Health

Activities you can do from home to improve heart health

Choose to Move at Home – Heart Health Video
Length: 7 minutes

Join certified fitness leader Caroline MacLennan as she guides you through a short workout routine to improve your heart health. The exercises focus on multiple parts of the body and modifications are available to increase the intensity of the workout. The video ends with a short cooldown section to bring the heart rate down. Equipment needed: sturdy chair.

Choose to Move in 5 Minutes – Cardio
Length: 5 minutes

Join fitness leader Raquel Barria as she leads you through a 5 minute cardio workout. These exercises can be done from the comfort of your home and will help improve your cardio, leading to benefits for your endurance and overall heart health.

YThrive: Gold Workouts
Length: Choose from workouts ranging from 15 to 25 minutes

This series of exercise videos for older adults is from YMCA Canada. The videos include exercises that can be done at home to increase strength, mobility, and balance. The videos offer seated or standing options for a total body workout suitable for different ability levels. Bonus: follow along with Choose to Move activity coach Melissa in videos 8, 10 and 11. Equipment needed: sturdy chair, two equally weighted items (soup cans, water bottles, etc.).

Staying Active at Home Videos
Length: Approx. 20 minutes 

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy has created a series of short videos with guided visuals and instructions to help strengthen the muscles in the lower body and legs for maintaining balance and mobility. Duration: Watch the brief (~4 min) demo video then complete the exercises on your own. Equipment needed: sturdy chair without arms, wall or sturdy countertop.

Exercise Plan for Seniors
Not a video

Healthline has created a simple weekly exercise program along with some suggested exercises to try out at home. Equipment needed: chair without arms, wall, mat.

Cardiac Rehab at Home 
Length: Choose from workouts ranging from 40 to 55 minutes

This series of 6 home exercise videos is from the British Heart Foundation. The workouts focus on cardiovascular rehabilitation and range from low to high intensity. Optional equipment: sturdy chair, two equally weighted objects (water bottles, soup cans, etc.).

Heart Health Playlist
Length: Choose from workouts ranging from 10 to 65 minutes

Follow along to these low-impact aerobic classes to improve your hearth health. Equipment needed: sturdy chair, two equally weighed objects (e.g. dumbbells or soup cans).

Total Body Workouts

Length: Choose from workouts ranging from 5 to 49 minutes

This video playlist features Choose to Move Activity Coach Raquel and low impact, total body workouts that promote bone health while being gentle on the joints. Equipment needed: chair and a wall for some workouts.

Dance Fitness

Length: Choose from workouts ranging from 14 to 34 minutes

The City of Port Coquitlam, YMCA & City of White Rock offer low intensity, easy to follow dance fitness workouts. No equipment needed.

FitNation Workout Series

Length: Choose from workouts ranging from 28 to 45 minutes

The Indigenous Sport, Physical Activity & Recreation Council (ISPARC) has created a 5-part workout series. The workouts include modifications for introductory, intermediate and advanced fitness levels. Optional equipment: chair & mat.


Indoor Walking Workouts

Length: Choose from workouts ranging from 9 to 63 minutes

Follow along to these walking workouts that will help improve your cardiovascular health by working your entire body. The workouts are suitable for seniors and individuals who are new to exercise.

Fitness: Walking for Wellness

Not a video

This information page from HealthLink BC provides you with information about the benefits of walking to improve overall health and includes tips on how to incorporate walking into your daily routine.

Walking Log

Not a video

This printable walking log from HealthLink BC helps you track your progress and to set goals to incorporate more walking and activity into your daily routine.